Zaineb El Barnoussi is assistant professor of international politics at Sciences Po Rabat, core faculty member at the Critical Security Studies Collective, member of the Rabat Social Sc and At-Large Middle East/North Africa Representative in the Executive Committee of the International Studies Association (ISA) Global South Caucus. Z holds a Ph.D. in political and social sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain. She was a Carnegie visiting scholar at the Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her article, “Postcolonial Politics of Dignity: From the 1956 Suez nationalization to the 2011 Revolution in Egypt,” won the 2015 Arab Prize of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. In 2017, she was Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. She was also in a faculty exchange program at Smith College. Z’s research is at the intersection of postcolonial theory and dignity politics.